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Information about Purim.

The PesachPassoverseder reminds us that in every generationthere are those who rise up to destroy usbut G-d saves us from their handIn the time of the Book of EstherHaman was the one who tried to destroy usIn modern timesthere have been two significant figures who have threatened the Jewish peopleand there are echoes of Purim in their stories.

Purim is not subject to the sabbath-like restrictions on work that some other holidays arehoweversome sources indicate that we should not go about our ordinary business on Purim out of respect for the holiday.

Mordechaithe spiritual desire that wants only to adhere to the Creatorthe quality of bestowal and lovelived happily and the kingdom was at peace.

3/4 cup butter or margarine 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 tbsporange juicethe smooth kindnot the pulpy2 cups white flour 1-1/2 cups wheat flourDO NOT substitute white flourThe wheat flour is necessary to achieve the right texture2 tspbaking powder 1 tspcinnamon 1 tspdried orange peel2 tspif freshVarious preservesfruit butters and/or pie fillings.

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