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The in vivo absorption of levodopa following administration of sinemet cr was continuous for 4 to 6 hours.

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Ataxiaextrapyramidal disorderfallinganxietygait abnormalitiesnervousnessdecreased mental acuitymemory impairmentdisorientationeuphoriablepharospasmwhich may be taken as an early sign of excess dosageconsideration of dosage reduction may be made at this timetrismusincreased tremornumbnessmuscle twitchingactivation of latent Horner’s syndromeperipheral neuropathy.

In clinical pharmacologic studiessimultaneous administration of carbidopa and levodopa produced greater urinary excretion of levodopa in proportion to the excretion of dopamine than administration of the two drugs at separate times.

SINEMET and iron salts or multivitamins containing iron salts should be coadministered with cautionIron salts can form chelates with levodopa and carbidopa and consequently reduce the bioavailability of carbidopa and levodopa.

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