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I have heard that Septillin syrup has helped some people in this forumSo encouragedI discontinued his multivitamin drops in favor of Septilin syrupBut that monthhe got sick with coughs and fever thrice(3 times in the same monthSo I stopped Septilling syrup and I am only giving him his usual Zincovit dropsI do not think Septillin syrup in addition to multivitamin would cause a problemSince Septillin is supposed to contain Amla which in turn is rich in Vit CVit C is water solubleSo excess of this vitamin does not get stored in the systembut gets passed out.

But Is the multivitamin you are giving your kid already working for your childie he is not falling sick often and if the vitamin already contains Vit Cthen you do not have the need to give your kid Septillin syrup.

I also give this to me kid as he has cough and cold frequently which is normal for kids till age 5.

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